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Welcome, to the Kirkman Family Genealogy website.  This site is dedicated to the descendants and ancestors of John Lincoln Kirkman b. 2/22/1828. Database
GENEALOGY Genealogy contained on this site are contributed by individual family members, and are not the efforts of any one individual. For more information go to FRANK'S KIRKMAN FAMILY PAGE, by clicking on the link above. REMEMBER: to check your family's genealogy on this web site and send us any corrections or updates. Keep us informed on any family news.
Statistics: This site contains 14 generations of 2653 individuals with an average life span of 78 years 4 months with a total of 774 surnames and 962 marriages.
If you would like to place a gedcom of your Kirkman related genealogy on this site please email me with the details.
This site cannot be held responsible for genealogy that is in error.
Above is John Lincoln Kirkman and his Sons. Click on image to enlarge.
Family group sheets can be viewed in private on this web site upon individual request so that corrections can be made with reasonalbe proof, common knowledge or documentation. Headstone photos are documetation and can be displayed on this site. Please email me with the details.   The Kirkman Family genealogy is no longer being placed on the Family Tree Maker site due the fact that some files cannot be viewed without a Family Tree Maker program on the viewers PC. Basically (Family Tree Maker) is making the site increasingly more proprietary and selling subscriptions to those who wish to surf the site.  
  For questions or suggestions please contact Us
  The John Kirkman Genealogy can be purchased from Family Tree Maker and we do not wish to interfere with private enterprise, however, we think that most of our genealogy should be free to researchers with any web browser the researcher has available, since most of our genealogy was contributed by family members. The Kirkman genealogy GEDCOM file can be obtained by emailing me and advising your relationship to this family.

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