Photo courtesy of Charlotte Kirkman Robbins.

Here is a picture of John Kirkman in his military uniform.

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John Kirkman's Service Record


From the "Adjutant General's Office, Washington, D.C. July 11, 1876", which acknowledges his application for Pension No. 194,447...

"John Kirkman was enrolled on the 27th day of July, 1862, at Richmond in Co. E of the 69th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers, to serve 3 years or during the war, and mustered into service as a Wagoner on the 19th day of Aug. 1862, at Indianapolis, Ind...."

"...on Return for January 1863, Co was in the engagements near Chickasaw Bluffs, Dec. 28 & 29, 1862 and also in the retreat Jany 1, 1863/ Mech & Apl 163 Pvt 'Discharged March of 63 Youngs Point La. Epilepsy.'   No evidence of disability as alleged--Cert. of Disability reports him disch. at 'Youngs Point La. March 6th, 1863', which date is accepted as correct."

 From the "Army of the United States, Certificate of Disability for Discharge, dated Sixth day of March, 1863":

Described as "5 feet 10 inches high, fair complexion, hazel eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a farmer.  During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days.  The said John Kirkman has fits which causes him to be unfit to do the dutys (sic) of a soldier in any respect whatever and in any opinion ought to be discharged...Feb. 20th, 1863"..."Epilepsy is so bad that he can be of no use to the army." (signed by Surgeon)  Dischared this Sixth day of March, 1863, at Young's Point, La."

Apparently he re-enlisted.  From the "Army of the United States Certificate of Disability for Discharge" dated Dec. 10th, 1864 in Madison Gen. Hospital, Madison, Ind.:

"John Kirkman, Private, of Captain C. B. Jackson's Company F of the 124th Regiment of  the United States Indiana Volunteers was enlisted by C. B. Jackson of the 124th Regiment of Ind. Vols. at Centerville, Ind.on the 2nd day of December, 1863, to serve 3 years; he was born in Guilford in the State of North Carolina, is 36 years of age, 5 feet 9-1/2 inches high, dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation when enlisted a Farmer.  During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 60 days."

..."incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of Epilepsy--having convulsions every six or eight days of very severe form.  Mental faculties impaired--dull and stupid.  Disease existed previous to enlistment.  Degree of disability--total.  Physically unfit to enter or reenlist..."

"Discharged, this 26th day of December, 1864, at Madison, Indiana."

There are, also, several affidavits from 1878 through 1890 from friends supporting John Kirkman in his application for a pension, which, apparently, he had to make several times.  He eventually received Pension No. 490331.

Above information from copies of records researched and provided by Sandra Tuttle and given to Charlotte Kirkman Robbins.
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