George Walter Kirkman

Here's a picture of my grandparents (c. 1880) taken in St. Charles, Mo., before they came to California in 1883 via a train.  The story I was told is that coming from Missouri where the countryside was green, Mary cried when she stepped off the train in the central valley and found that it wasn't very "green"!  Guess she adapted all right.
Also, George Walter had one leg shorter than the other.  Note that the hat covers one of his knees.  Don't know if it was congenital or if he'd had a childhood illness such as polio.  - Charlotte Kirkman Robbins
George Walter and Mary Delilah Yarnell Kirkman
Parents of
John Montreville Kirkman
Dessie Maude Kirkman
Carrie Minerva Kirkman
Bert Ervan Kirkman

They had three other children that died in infancy.
George Walter Kirkman, c. 1865, in his younger days. Click on image to enlarge.
Submitted by Charlotte Kirkman Robbins
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